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Application for Admission from Abroad

I. Application

1. To complete an application, the applicant must submit the following items:

a. Two copies of the Application form with a recent photograph attached to each.
b. Two copies of diplomas obtained (with certified Chinese or English translations if the original is in another language) and two copies of complete transcripts in English.
c. Two recommendation letters
d. A health certificate (including HIV test and chest X-ray)
e. A study proposal in Chinese or English
f. Financial statement (a certificate showing sufficient financial support for his/her education, maintenance and living expenses in Taiwan.)

2. All application forms and supporting documents should be mailed to:
Office of International Affairs

National Chung Cheng University
168 University Rd. Min-Hsiung,
Chia-Yi 62102, Taiwan, R. O. C.

3. Application Deadline:

Applicants must submit the Application Forms and all the supporting documents before 10/31 for Spring Semester, or 03/31 for Fall Semester. Applicants should send the applications with full supporting documents to Office of International Affairs. Applicants are strongly advised to submit their applications as early as possible and well before the closing date to ensure that the necessary supporting documents reach Office of International Affairs in time. Admission/rejection will be issued before 11/30 (Spring Semester) or 04/30 (Fall Semester). A health certificate and insurance document (medical insurance) should be submitted upon registration. Those who do not have any medical insurance will be required to pay an insurance fee and enroll in a local insurance program.

II. Evaluation

1. All application documents will be forwarded to the ISIA for consideration. The department/institute should organize an evaluation committee for the evaluation.

2. The evaluation result will be forwarded to the President for approval. The results of admission/rejection will be sent to the applicants by Office of International Affairs.


III. Disclaimer

All foreign applicants should note that once accepted and enrolled, domestic and foreign students will be treated on an equal footing, study together as a team, and be evaluated with the same standard. For the interests of all applicants, it is strongly suggested that they are well prepared to take courses taught in Mandarin Chinese, despite that some courses may be taught in English where the course convener deems appropriate. The ISIA is not obliged to provide extra language training or regular courses presenting in foreign languages.


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