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The institute of Strategy and International Affairs (ISIA) was established in 2000.

Our department was established under the circumstances of globalization, responding to the needs of the new era with National Defense, Strategy, Diplomacy, Cross-Strait relations, National Security and International Affairs.

Many local governments, companies, NGOs and Think Tanks in mid-south part of Taiwan need to train and reserve specialists in fields of Strategy and International Affairs. Although there are some political science departments in mid-south, however, there is a lack of independent teaching and research unit focusing on Strategy and International Affairs.

Therefore, in 2005, we were instructed by our principal to set up a preparatory office to cultivate Strategy and International Affairs talents, our professor 宋學文(Hseik-Wen Soong) was the director of the preparatory office.

Our institute was formally founded in August 1, 2006, professor 宋學文(Hseik-Wen Soong) was the first chairperson (2005-2012).

In 2007 our “In-service Master Program of Strategy and International Affairs” was launched, leading with former director professor 宋學文(Hseik-Wen Soong).

Our former directors of the institute were professors Hseik-Wen Soong (2005-2012), Yu-tai Tsai (2012 to 2015), Tai-Ho Lin (2015-2018)

The current chairperson is Professor Wen-Chih Chao (2018-current).

Since the establishment in 2006, our institute has become the representative of developing strategy and international affairs expertise.


  1. To cultivate the professions in the field of international affairs.
  2. To strengthen students’ understanding of practical policies.

Therefore, three compulsory study courses have been set up in the curriculum.

“International Relations Theory ”, ” Methodology of Social Science “, “Strategic Planning and Problem Solving”, offering our students both theoretical and empirical discussion and knowledge, in the goal of bringing theory and practice together.

Academic positioning

The study of Strategy and International Affairs is a new rise-cross domain course in social science, especially while current issues about Cross-Strait relations, National Security, National Defense and Diplomacy have created an increasingly urgent need for specialists in our government, think tanks and research units.

Our course mainly includes five fields: Globalization and Global Governance, International Relations and International Affairs, National Defense and Strategy, Cultural Strategy and Strategy Management, National Security and Policies Formulation. Our graduate school is the first public national university specializes in this field. We’ve got extremely excellent faculty and our courses are designed lively and practically. In practical, we work closely with government-related departments in examinations and other academic activities, such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of National Defense, National Security Bureau, Investigation Bureau, National Police Agency, and Coast Guard Administration…etc. Moreover, our department has launched “in-service Master Program”, and each year we enroll around 30 senior executives from government and other related units to join our in-service Master Program. We ISIA pay great attention to the enhancement of ethics, social EQ and resourcefulness, in order to make our students become competitive and mobile.


Course structure

Our department offers programs and courses, they can generally be categorized in  three main fields:

A: International Relations and International Affairs related field

B: Asia-Pacific Security and Strategy related field

C: Policy Science and Strategy Management related field

Our compulsory courses:

H: International Relations Theory, Methodology of Social Science, Strategic Planning and Problem Solving

Our sub-core courses:

X,Y,Z: Strategic Studies, International Political Economy, International Organization, Culture and Strategy, Globalization and Global Governance, Human Rights and Humanity Security, International Terrorism Studies, Cross-Strait Economic and Trade and Taiwan Development, WTO and International Security, seminar on Chinese Political Economic and strategy, U.S Foreign Policy, Asia-Pacific strategic situation analysis, International Law, Modern Diplomatic History and Seminar on Taiwan History of International Relations.